Who we are...

Freyhand GmbH fromHamburg

 ... was founded in autumn 2015 after some odysseys through the entrepreneurial "LARP shallows"... I myself have been an active designer and developer of LARP props for 20 years now... (Kai Schulz, founder)

Freyhand - This is a team of creative people with a lot of expertise in the design, application and production of larp props and costumes.

We have kept the joy of tinkering and developing over all this time and can now look back on many extraordinary projects, even by LARP standards...

You can get an insight here on Instagram:

What we offer you here are current results of our workshop work, unique pieces and small collections that cannot be sold in series. Everything is somewhat individual and therefore something special. 

Please remember that this is not an industrial product but a one-off handmade item. Accordingly, each piece has its "individual charm", small colour deviations and unevenness in the surfaces are part of it...

...I wish you lots of fun with the equipment! Be creative, pass on something positive to your fellow human beings and enjoy life!

Your Kai Schulz